Business Leadership
Your next level in business requires you to move away from chaotic, reactive leadership that consumes energy, strength and time.  When concentration is placed on  4 key structural aspects of business functionality, participants can examine, refine and undergird decision making power, performance, and execution. FOCUS Business Leadership offers structure in 4 directional areas:

01. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a master tool business owners and entrepreneurs utilize for efficiency and to accelerate cash-flow imperative to overall growth and sustainability.

02. Brand Development

Brand Development is essential to the look, performance and continuous success of every business to include overall enhancements.

03. Marketing

Marketing correctly done is your online road-map to customers, buying motives and sales. Strengthening your proficiencies in this area will save and sustain your business.

04. Video Production

Video is king no matter where you are in the world. There’s no better, faster way to get your product or service recognized than by developing immaculate video messages.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes fail for a number of reasons. One in particular is failure by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to make seen or unforeseen changes swiftly and effectively. Your business–no matter it’s size–deserves the same attention of a Fortune 500 company. At some point, you have to be willing to make an investment into your performance and productivity by seeking solid professional help. Because you understand if nothing changes, than nothing changes.


Business Leadership

Focus Business Leadership surrounds you for 7 days with strong coaches and participating business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the plight of every business very well. In some cases, it’s sink, swim or drown. For others, FOCUS is an opportunity to reboot, revitalize and revolutionize you and your business to the next level of consistent success.

The Following Amenities Are Included For FOCUS Business Leadership


  • Full Access Coaching
  • FOCUS Education
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Develop Plans Booklets
  • FOCUS Membership
    • (2) Post FOCUS Coaching Sessions
    • Access to FOCUS Master Class

Travel & Accommodations

  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Exclusive Villa
  • Private or Shared Room w/Ensuite
  • Private Chef Prepared Meals


  • Full Body Massage
  • All Meals & Desserts
  • Themed Evenings
  • Nights Out On the Town
  • Relaxation & Meditation

Business Intelligence

Benefits include:

  • New mental, emotional and visionary mindset and strategy implementation.
  • Full access to business leadership coaching and 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Full leadership assessments and drill down exercises to assist with defining clear and present resources, influences and market research.
  • SWOT and break-even analysis to ensure business sustainability and scalability.

Brand Development

Benefits include:

  • Complete brand logo, color, imaging, and logistics review.
  • Personal brand techniques to include pitch decks and public speaking.
  • Understanding full brand capability and industry research and problem-solving techniques.
  • Complete branding photo and video shoot.


Benefits include:

  • Review of all social media and marketing platforms.
  • List building and sales funnel processes and efficient strategies.
  • Understanding trends, forecasting and developing strong marketing campaigns.
  • Influence in the design of tailored brand marketing material.

Video Production

Benefits include: 

  • Developing original content tailored towards your brand marketing campaigns.
  • Production tools, backgrounds, and design principles.
  • Setting-up efficient campaigns that separate you from competition.
  • Freedom to be creative with professional videographers and editors for final productions.

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