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Welcome to EQ24 and the Wonderful World of Emotional Intelligence. 

On behalf of Beautiful Men & Women, Inc. we welcome you to the FOCUS® Education Membership Community. Our purpose and responsibility is to educate, guide, and support your in gaining clarity and understanding of your unique self through emotional intelligence.

FOCUS EQ24 is our entrance coaching course to ensure you have a solid foundation of self awareness, self-regulation, high levels of self-acceptance and accountability. As well as a safe transformative journey to uncover challenges, recover strength in knowing, and discover all the amazing possibilities around achieving your life's vision, goals, and aspirations.

As a result if FOCUS EQ24, you will be challenged to remain present, examine your thoughts and feelings, and keep a journal of some sorts to improve retention and implementation. You will also be challenged in a non-intrusive way to examine emotional memories and principles that have a direct effect on your emotional health and well-being. Whereas, you will discover throughout the coaching course just how amazing you are, and how important maintaining a high level of FOCUS will be to your future. 

Remember; you must continually refine yourself by a vision of future, in order to not remain predictable through memories of your past.

Enjoy, have fun, and let's get started!

FOCUS® EQ24 Orientation

Introductory & Orientation by Coach Dino.



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