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Move Beyond Trial & Error, Past Imagination, And Beyond Expectation with EQ24!

Harness the transformative power of emotional intelligence through simple personal development modules that will ignite exponential growth and you becoming free from challenges undermining your success! 

Are You Ready to Master Being, Doing, and Having to Transform Your Life?

Join the EQ24 Emotional Intelligence Course today, and take the first step toward a more aware, more confident, and more emotionally intelligent you. Your journey to emotional self mastery starts now. 

Introducing the EQ24 Emotional Intelligence Course – the next step in your transformation journey. 

As you've begun to understand through the eBook, knowledge of oneself is the foundation of all wisdom. Now, it's time to apply that knowledge, to transform insight into actionable change.

Why EQ24? Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for a fulfilling life, impactful leadership, and meaningful relationships. Its your first being, doing, and having at the same time.

However, understanding your emotions and mastering their influence is not just an end—it's a path to becoming the person you're meant to become. EQ24 is your guide on this path.

The wisdom you've gleaned from "Emotional Enlightenment" is just the beginning. With EQ24, transform insight into action. Equip yourself with the tools to not only understand but also actively shape your emotional self mastery landscape.

In your journey with "Being You, Being Seen, Being Heard," you've taken the first bold steps into the landscape of your own mind, discovering the profound power of self-awareness and the beauty of being in harmony with your deepest values.

Yet, you may find yourself standing at a crossroad—one where your inner critic looms, decisions seem daunting, and authenticity feels just out of reach. Its time to stop trying to do it alone and work with a proven educational system that will having you making explosive progress.

Designed with the unique challenges women and men face in mind, the EQ24 Course is more than just education—it's a transformation. It's where self-awareness evolves into self-mastery. 

What You Will Gain:

Practical Mastery filled with motivation.
Enhanced Layers of Self-Awareness.  
Authentic Relationships & Connections.
Proven Techniques for Emotional Regulation. 
Coaching Commentary and a Community of Support.

EQ24 directly addresses your most significant challenges:

1. Silence the Inner Critic: Learn proven strategies to quiet the voice of self-doubt. Through our specialized modules, you’ll transform this inner critic into an inner guide, fostering a kind, supportive inner dialogue that empowers your true self.

2. Align Decisions with Your True Values: Master the art of making decisions that resonate deeply with your inner values and conditions of satisfaction. EQ24 teaches you to navigate life's choices with clarity and confidence, ensuring each step you take is in alignment with your authentic self.

3. Shatter the Mask of Pretentiousness: Liberate yourself from the need to conform or perform. Our course embraces the power of vulnerability and authenticity, guiding you to live, love, and lead with an open heart, free from pretense.

4. Form Authentic Connections: Dive into the world of emotional resonance to select potential partners. EQ24 provides insights and practical exercises to help you gauge emotional compatibility, ensuring your relationships are rooted in genuine connection and mutual authenticity.

Now that You've Determined You're the Who;
Here's the What, How, When, and Why! 

By Architectural Design, FOCUS® EQ24 is Advanced Personal Development Using a Comprehensive, Sequential Process of Principle-Centered Leadership (character education) or Step 1 in Personal Development.

Principle-Centered Leadership...

Principle-Centered Leadership emphasizes the importance of developing character and aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with timeless principles to become an effective leader.

Emotional intelligence is rarely, if ever, used as an initial tool in personal development, especially from the aspect in which EQ24 delivers it. We’ve included emotional intelligence in 90% of our courses, coaching, and retreats through belief in it's relevance. 

We’ve never found the need to deliver it as an initial, solo coaching course until the release of technology. Technology has the ability to apply pressure and imprint impressions on brain functions, human basic needs, and mental conditioning.

How EQ24 Helps Me...

You are everything you do. EQ24 provides you with a path to learn and understand what has and is making you, you (brain function, basic human needs, and mental conditioning).

Understanding this level of who you are allows you to refine your strengths and limitations, as well as how you see yourself, others, and the world around you. In this, you’re capable of strategically and emotionally moving through resistance, and in the direction of achievement of your highest goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Being able to be and do this effortlessly, creates possibilities and opportunities to have and possess beyond your most audacious version of self and quality of life vision. Its literally creating space for you to become, and become more.

What Makes EQ24 So Important...

Emotional Intelligence includes crucial elements that contribute to understanding oneself and others, managing emotions, motivating oneself into achievement, and growing relationships appropriately.

Whether you’re influential, an effective communicator, self-motivated or not. You’ll learn the master skills to develop competencies and capabilities, keep them, and ultimately grow them in ways complementary to your life’s vision.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life. If improvement and growth processes are included in the plan to obtain more, you have to become more. Its just the universal laws of life.

Why EQ24 Works...

There is a principle in personal development that states "once you know, you cannot go back to not knowing." Which one comes first, the chicken or the egg.

In this case, emotional intelligence is an integral part of personal development, just as in order to personally development you're require to become emotionally intelligent. 

EQ24 engages your emotion-thought process. There's interesting aspects inside EQ24 that will spur interest and anticipation for more. Learning about your human basic needs is an inspirational relief.

Why? Because it answers unasked and unanswered questions, provides simple reasoning for other things, and empowers you to make necessary changes to remove the negative, and reinforce the positive. In essence, you'll be the best judge as to why it works!



Welcome to FOCUS® Education online academy
EQ24 Emotional Intelligence Course!

Unknown to many, frustration is a living, breathing, disruptive emotion capable of causing subtle compromise and discomfort to much of what we feel, think, and do. Its weapons are confusion, procrastination, misunderstanding, and inner-voice conversations that go against progression, growth, and velocity.
Inside EQ24, you will be equipped with the breakthrough power of emotional intelligent capabilities like you've never witnessed in your life before. You'll move through resistance, expertly manage relationships, and remain on the path of being, becoming, and becoming more from just making  one amazing decision. Start pursuing you, your values, and the quality of life you want to live by design; not by default!

FOCUS® EQ24 Introduction: 

Welcome to FOCUS® EQ24 (emotional intelligence) instructed by Content Creator and Master Coach Dino. 

Prepare yourself for a dynamic journey of education and training into the various modules, complete with reviews, exercises, and comprehensive explanations. 

Coach Dino delivers his expertise in every part of EQ24, as he should: it's his purpose, passion, and expertise.

Coach Dino has been delivering emotional intelligence in all Beautiful Men & Women trainings, courses, coaching, and retreats since inception in 2009.

Module -1: Brain Functioning: 

One of the reasons why FOCUS EQ24 has been so successful in helping participants truly understand their emotions, emotional habits, and intensity levels is due to the lessons inside of human brain functionality.

Uncovering the root cause and exact nature of how the human brain functions, helps everyone reach their 'Ah-Ha' moment of learning. 

Which then leads to gaining influence in areas never even noticed before. In the humorous words of Coach Dino, "this lesson is a no brainer."

Module -2: Mental Conditioning:

Coach Dino uses a non-intrusive method to cover mental conditioning, as it is within the mind where memories are stored. 

Yet, it is also where some of the most amazing transformation takes place because participants are able to clearly see how inner-voice narratives develop, how technology is continuously shaping us, and where improvement opportunities are plentiful. 

Again, it's non-intrusive. However, one should follow the suggestions of Coach when applying soft, seasoned, and advanced methods.

Module -3: Emotional Definition Guide:

Coach always says: "the best way to become someone or something, is to know exactly who or what it is you're striving to become." 

This is why Definition Guidance is so thorough. Emotions, feelings, moods, and states need their space to be defined and explained. Also, we understand the power of words, and it benefits in growth and development to know and refer to specific things accurately. 

Make sure you stay 'present' during this module, as it is imperative you learn how to accurately describe yourself and what you're feeling.

Module -4: Accurate Self-Assessments:

Its been said: "the easiest thing for a person to do is self-deception." Well, if pretentiousness and avoidance have been a thorn in your side, your learning here is going to make a huge difference. 

This module is not about asking yourself unclear questions for general answers. It's about learning to ask yourself specific questions and giving accurate answers to yourself. 

This tool enables you to uncover, recover, and discover some amazing things about yourself in your transformative journey. The strength in the questions and answers allow the breakthroughs to happen repeatedly.

Module -5: Emotional Intelligence Competencies:

Inside this module are the original emotional intelligence competencies to build a solid structure and increase your emotionally intelligent capabilities, holistic health, and wellness.

Coach goes through a unique process for implementing these tools to allow for Interruptions, Influence, and Improvements. You will discover the power in the "I" and not the "them."

Module -6: Becoming Emotionally Intelligent:

Coach Dino closes FOCUS® EQ24 with an amazing example of an emotional state many people face daily. 

Its a unique opportunity to fill in the blank with your challenging emotion, feeling, and/or state to tap into self-awareness and self-regulation

You'll love your newly acquired power of self-control and it will place you on the dynamic road to self mastery and life defining FOCUS!

We Didn't Just Create An Online Academy. We Created the Empowerment Collective!

Enter the World of Unstoppable Achievement by
Join the Community.

When you join the FOCUS® Education Online Academy and Empowerment Collective community, you’re safe in the arms of experienced coaches and a community of like-minded learners expanding thought, application, and experience achieved from the course in real time.

Statistics prove when course participants are members of a joint community, learning, retention, and application are all increased tremendously. Its the ‘each one - teach one’ method where other perspectives are shared to expand individual and community processing.

You’re going to find other like-minded learners who are serious about improving their quality of life through EQ24 and other membership courses.

Our community is comprised of comprehensive coaching courses to help you get you all the way together without becoming an overwhelming entree to your existing plate.

Whether you’re adding value to yourself, your love life, achievement capabilities or increasing your bag, We Gotcha!

Image Credit: Dr. LaNée Javet, Master Business Coach


We've Provided Valuable Bonuses Help You Experience Breakthrough After Breakthrough!

For almost 2 decades we've educated and empowered thousands of people just like you grow their transformative power through emotional intelligence inside our comprehensive masterclasses. So, once you've started EQ24, your bonuses start rolling in and you'll never be at a lack of empowering, sequential, and comprehensive education again!


Its Just Me, Talking to Me
About Me.

Inner-voice is a beautiful tool to access when you're emotionally intelligent. Its just You, talking to You about You!

This means you understand brain functioning, inherent and subliminal mental conditioning, and your beliefs around your conditions of satisfaction.

Only FOCUS® EQ24 is going to offer You more for Your investment into You!


The Destiny of
Emotional Resonance.

Inside EQ24, emotional resonance isn't just about emotions resonating with others. Its more about character formed as a direct result of knowing, understanding, and using your emotional intelligence in authentic ways.

No one can withstand your influence, aura, confidence, and poise. Its commanding space without intention. Its just what happens when your emotionally intelligent! 


The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Relationships.

There has never been a time in cultural history where emotional intelligence is required in the all areas of life to impact our future.

Relationships are everything and without them we cease to exist. Therefore, we did more than just a lesson inside EQ24. (surprise)

The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Relationships is the solo pre-lesson before the Dating and Relationship upcoming courses!

Master Coach Dino

This is what professionalism, humility, and genius looks and sounds like!


"There's Many Ways to Go Wrong, But Only One Way to Go Right."

The time is now to take full advantage of this learning opportunity to improve your quality of life. Not only are you taking an exception and needed course, but you can join the Empowerment Collective an get complete access to the entire FOCUS Education intellectual property portfolio. 

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