What Your Next Level Requires

Is for You to fully participate in your breakthrough

Has your breakthrough eluded you time after time and again? Have you looked around at the people, places and things in your life to realize that you’re still on empty? Deep down inside you question your ability to face and breakthrough your breakthrough. Certain principles apply to everything.

The conversation you’re not having is the intensive personal leadership and self growth work required to get to your next level. You need to be friends with the right people who are doing the right things, that open the flood gates to consistent success; no matter how hard it is or the amount of time it takes to win!

When you’re really on it, there has to be an extensive process of learning, growing, FOCUS and execution placed in 4 Life Defining areas for it to come into fruition. It’s not about what you can get, it’s about how long can you keep it.

FOCUS Self Mastery 4 Life Defining Pillars:

  • Personal Development (Self-Growth): makes a huge difference becuase it doesn’t happen until you move everyday in a particular way.
  • Dating & Relationships: makes a huge difference when you’re aligned with the right people and focused on a collective vision.
  • Goal Achievement: makes all the difference in the world, when you’re considering ‘targets’ and ‘creating velocity for peak performance, rapid achievement and the ability to tap into a flow state.
  • Financial Investing: is the no-brainer of them all because when you understand finances and mathematical formulas you didn’t learn as a child, strategies to ‘get there’ become crystal clear!

FOCUS in Beautiful Aruba

Imagine safely residing for 7 days and 6 nights in an ocean-front Villa with amazing views, sunsets, spacious bedroom w/ensuites and access to the best experience beaches in the world.

Aruba is amazing and it gets better: Aruba is safe, the culture is awesome, drinking water is one of the best in the world and it resides outside of the hurricane belt.

At FOCUS, We simply know the island, We have great Associates on the island and We can’t wait for you to experience Our Island!

FOCUS Concierge Services

FOCUS Concierge Services is led by the beautiful Julie Cunningham, who has mastered the Travel & Hospitality Industries for 15+yrs. and this is where your FOCUS transformation begins. 

The FOCUS motto is “We’re not on vacation, We live here” details how we approach every New Member’s situation. This includes: travel to and from Aruba, ground transportation, Villa arrival, Chef and Cook prepared meals, excursions and nights in Aruba’s casinos and clubs. We’ve even adopted the more private beach as FOCUS Beach!!

Contact Julie while reading the brochure to have your questions answered in real time or schedule a consultation. There are no silly questions, ever!!

Shared Experience


The ‘Shared Member Experience’ consist of 2 ppl. in a room complete w/ensuite, sliding doors or windows with an amazing ocean view.

What’s amazing about this selection is you have a private accountability partner to converse with in areas of challenge, vulnerability and break-throughs.

If you don’t attend with a family member or friend, we simply assess and assign one to you. We haven’t missed a match yet!

Single Experience


The ‘Single Member Experience’ consist of 1 person in a room complete w/ensuite, sliding windows with an amazing ocean view.

What’s amazing about this selection is you have all of your privacy and you still get matched up with an accountability partner. Yet, its a great space for hosting pow-wows with your FOCUS-mates.

This selection offers some of your most intimate moments and breakthroughs.

Married Experience


The ‘Married Experience’ is something we take pride in becuase the biggest room in the world is the room of improvement.

Couples who experience this selection is entitled to our special ‘together’ expeience. Then, the FOCUS Education takes care of the rest!

Remember, we don’t want you to be on your best behavior because that is pretending. We want you to love the way you love each other at home!

“The only time wisdom fails, is when it’s not attached to wealth.”

-De’ Kridge’s Worthpreneurship

FOCUS Education is now offering new services attached to the Self Mastery Retreat to help and support your pursuit in peak performance, flow state initiative, healthy living, weight loss, building your net worth and generational wealth.

The coaching services and courses below are designed to help you keep that same energy, routines and manage your mental focus at work and home with greater ease, so you can consistently achieve more!

Dream with us for a minute here: imagine starting a 3 month pre-retreat coaching program to whip you into better shape (spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, social and financial). Every week you’re working to get into better shape to pursue your enhanced vision, dream and aspirations.

Then, you arrive at the FOCUS Self Mastery Retreat ready to take everything you’ve been working throughover the last 3mos. to the next level. Now, you’re in it but more importantly; you’re totally prepared for the journey and the strengthening lessons given at the retreat. Coaching sessions that take you wholistically to the next level in 7 days!!

Leaving Aruba and the Self Mastery Retreat is difficult because everything was happening for you right there and in real time. However, you have the lessons and support to reinforce those lessons through another 3mos. of coaching, but you’re also enrolled into the FOCUS Legacy Investment Masterclass. Now, you’re in a position to manage growing your money on a level you’ve never had access too or experienced before. That’s FOCUS…!!

Shall we finish this imagination for you, because we can. Yes, okay!! At the end of 3mos. you are now investing in the Stock Market, making different decisions because you have different choices. You can see how you’re growing your own money and how you can exponentially grow the whole thing with another level of support in less than 1yr with FOCUS.


“You’ve clicked on many buttons throughout your life, seemingly prepared to get you where you want to be. Not always knowing or understanding what is required of you to achieve that specific level of greatness.

Allow me to make a very small, yet true commitment to you before you do so. My Team and I are committed to helping you throughout your entire process. It’s our responsibility in your journey becuase we’re all here to do what we’re here to do.

All you have to do is your part, and we will definitely do ours to ensure that which you realistically desire, becomes your reality! Let’s Get FOCUS!

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