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Financial Literacy Is Now Mandatory!

Financial efficacy is rapidly proving itself to be one of the greatest solutions to individuals, family, and community during a time, and era where efficiency is the main tool of progress.
The lack of financial education, access to capital, and the application of proven money management systems whose main goal is to create asset ownership, has crippled the Black and Latino people for far too long. Whereas, now the need—if not the demand—for financial education in Black and Latino communities has now become mandatory.
In mid-2022, BM&W Sr. Consultants were asked by a colleague to develop a financial literacy program to correspond with a unique reentry housing, and community center service model. As we began our research, and development, we saw something so much bigger than just a program for the justice-impacted community. We saw, and developed a solution to educate low-to-medium household income determinant’s quality of life.
We thoroughly examined what community service, community partners, and financial institutions were currently providing. Along with financial best practices, utilization skills, and our own evidence-informed success in providing personal development, financial education, and asset ownership courses, and programs.
What we’ve settled upon is the development of the FOCUS® FACTS Financial Efficacy Acceleration Course, and Coaching Program, which is now available to community service providers, organizations, and agencies in the NYC area.
FOCUS® FACTS is in strong combination of building human capital through stellar client, and community engagement experience, financial education, and updated utilization skills. FOCUS® FACTS is also complete with a technology data collection-communication system that literally brings community service into this new, and amazing era of progress, and efficiency for the next 40 years.

FOCUS®  FACTS Financial Efficacy Acceleration Course, and Coaching Program in New York City!

Community Services

FOCUS® FACTS as a community-based course, and coaching program provides stellar client engagement to benefit retention, actualization, and support.

Reentry Services

FOCUS® FACTS as a reentry-based course, and coaching program provides structure, a learning culture, and barrier-breaking client transformation.

Educational Services

FOCUS® FACTS as an educational course, and coaching program provides the missing elements to struggle, and conflict in producing long-term results.