Offers actionable learning and step-by-step implementation towards living your life by design. With everything going on in your life right now, adding any type of improvement or setting elevated goals is super challenging. Especially, amidst a busy life where crisis and distractions can easily take you off task and off track. FOCUS Self-Mastery offers education in 4 essential life and directional areas:

01. Personal Development

Personal Development does not imply weakness and inadequacy, it is an acute educational exchange to improve character and personality over time.

02. Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a science sequential to personal development and relationships where success is a prerequisite to lifestyle management and financial freedom.

03. Dating & Relationship

Dating & Relationships is a huge topic of concern to success, as any relationship should offer a reciprocal stretch beneficial to  growth and development.

04. Financial Investing

Principles of finance and investing are very different from today’s focus on income and debt. Learning these differences of principles is transformational and liberating.

Through these 4 essential Self-Mastery pillars, participants are able to drill-down into personal challenges, barriers and a host of blind spots that have sabotaged their concentration, levels of productiveness and goals achieved. Participants gain freedom from habits like procrastination, excessive idleness and a variety of reckless spending that has continuously blocked personal, interpersonal and financial accruement.



Whether you’re single, married or decide to attend with a friend, partner or family member, FOCUS will improve and exceed your current results. At FOCUS, you’re surrounded by serious minded individuals who have made a concentrated investment in their process to redefine their lives by learning actionable success methods.

Self-Mastery—which is an absolute prerequisite to achieving life goals and aspirations—is a precise growth and management skill required to accrue personal wealth.


Travel & Accommodations

  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Destination Air Fare & Ground Transportation
  • Destination Baggage Handling
  • Hotel Stays (Morocco Only)
  • Exclusive Villa
  • Private or Shared Room w/Ensuite
  • Private Chef Prepared Meals
  • Private Bartended Mixologist


  • Full Access Coaching
  • FOCUS Education
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Develop Plans Booklets
  • FOCUS Membership
    • (2) Post FOCUS Coaching Sessions
    • Access to FOCUS Master Class


  • Full Body Massage
  • All Meals & Desserts
  • Private Beaches and Pools
  • Excursions and Water Sports
  • Themed Evenings
  • Nights Out On the Town
  • Relaxation & Meditation

Personal Development

Benefits include:

  • How to remove, release and manage people in your direct and indirect circle who challenge positivity and/or lack the necessary commitment to provide the love, support, and substance you need to consistently and progressively develop
  • Full access to personal development Coach and 1-on-1 sessions
  • Eliminate procrastination, reduce distraction occurrences and aimless activity that can cause worry and stress
  • Improved concentration and overall performance associated to the pursuit of goals, responsibility and self-accountability

Goal Setting

Benefits include:

  • Full access to Goal Setting Coach and 1-on-1 sessions
  • Elimination of all pre-existing goal setting practices and methods
  • Learning how personal development and relationships play a necessary role in the accomplishment of goals
  • Learning how to write and become congruent to affirmations designed to assist in the goal setting and attainment process
  • Designing a successful goal setting template and action plan

Dating & Relationship

Benefits include:

  • Full access to Dating & Relationship Coach and 1-on-1 sessions
  • Evaluation of basic principles (commitment, trust, communication) and (un)realistic expectations associated with romantic and platonic relationships
  • How to design a love and/or relationship blueprint
  • How to effectively utilize communication, clarity and conversation methods to enhance relationship development and management

Financial Investing

Benefits include:

  • Full access to Financial Investing Coach and 1on1 sessions
  • Discovering your net-worth, spending, and frugal habits
  • Understanding debt, credit, investments, and stock trading
  • Understanding compound interest and the viability of your investment accounts
  • Developing a financial plan with developmental goals and affirmations
  • Understand and create multiple streams of income

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