When You FOCUS

Everything Changes

Your Next Level Awaits

  • Uncover the weight of your past and present.
  • Recover the unique essence of who you truly are.
  • Discover the limitless possibilities of all you can become.
  • Live Life Free Of Challenges Undermining Your Success!


F.O.C.U.S. (Free Of Challenges Undermining Success) the lifestyle game changer when it comes to personal growth, peak performance, healthy relationships, entrepreneurship, and financial investing. How can one retreat off transformation and help you unleash the power of your true potential? Not difficult at all. FOCUS is designed to help you reach maximum potential through our private, intimate Coaching Retreats, 1-on-1 and Group Coaching transformation sessions where you Uncover, Recover and Discover paradigms, principles and practices for success.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned level-upper, FOCUS empowers you to become your most powerful self and consistently live your life by design. We serve our Members best through a combination of signature packages which all begin by participating in the FOCUS Self Mastery Coaching Retreat in beautiful Aruba.

You still have time to place your deposit for the March 2022 Self Mastery Retreat, which includes entry into the FOCUS Freedom Launch! Yes, we’re accepting enrollment into our Generational Wealth Builder program so you and your family can get on your way to living life Free Of Challenges Undermining Success!

When You Simply Deserve It All Now

Right now isn’t the time to settle for anything less than the life you truly deserve. That includes how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, your social energy and circle, as well as where you spend your money and how it grows. Those are the aspects life is truly made up of and its time you took time out to seriously FOCUS on foundational and futuristic moves.

We launched FOCUS Freedom to fast-track your start or progression in building generational wealth. Yes, we said it and we can back it up too! We’ve been successful with creating generational wealth for FOCUS Members since we launched it in 2017. So, when you hear stories about people who became wealthy in the stock market during the pandemic, we have a group of people who’ve done it successfully.

FOCUS Freedom is a year long journey designed to help you build self mastery skills and peak performance. Yet, before anything can be poured into your cup, there must be a less than half-filled one to pour into. Thereby, the FOCUS Self Mastery Coaching Retreat is your starting point. All the while, we simultaneously ensure you excel in building your Net Worth through cash flow opportunities in 3 main portfolios: 1- Stocks & Crypto, 2- Real Estate, and 3- Business (yours or one you can purchase).


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