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Beautiful Men & Women (BM&W) is an eclectic community, focused on panoramic excellence as a lifestyle. Our mission is deliberate. We believe in consistent improvement, and elevation within a Shalom (full blessings of GOD) life, and legacy.
Our philosophies are influenced by the massive actions taken by men and women who have, without hesitation, exemplified the foundational principles of leadership, etiquette, intelligence, and aesthetics as a way of life. Our methodologies consist of continuous education, mature entertainment, and perpetual financial growth.
Our focus is to unite the support, resources, and mentorship of our members to acquire financial freedoms. With such freedoms, come the power to reach even our most audacious goals, dreams, and aspirations. We achieve this through amazing partnerships with successful brands who move how we move, respect what we respect, and provide quality products, and services across a wide range of industries.


Now Is Next!






Our Transformation course and coaching programs provide growth in the 6 IQ’s of personal power: spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological, social (relationships) and financial empowerment.

This is the life defining work you’ve heard our clients speak about!


Our Travel platform is headed by FOCUS Retreat conceirge VP Julie Cunningham of 6x award winning Julie’s Star Travel Agency.

As a Group Specialist, J Star Travel Agency will affordably magnify your vision for travel and is where your real destination begins.


Our FOCUS Coaching Retreats are aligned with and the backbone of our transformational coaching.

FOCUS Coaching Retreats empowers you beyond your present reality to an amazing life filled with abundance. As we all know: “When you FOCUS, Everything Changes!”


Our Upscale Events platform is a signature of BM&W, as the 4 core characteristics of the L.E.I.A. lifestyle come into fruition to make a lasting impression.

For instance, the above image was taken at the FOCUS Coaching Retreat “All White” party at our private villa in beautiful Aruba.

“Say Less”


Our Investing Platform is stacked with education, training and mentoring under the 3 wealth building portfolios: Real Estate, Business and Securities Trading.

Our mission is to close the wealth gap of Black & Brown people from a Net Worth perspective. As we believe in living, loving, learning, and leaving a profound legacy of wealth for the next 2 generations.


Our Business platform also includes our Business Partners, who help us deliver qualitative products and services to every platform we own.

We are also of the mindset to partner with other like-minded business owners and brands who move how we move, respect what we respect and are as obsessed with the customer experience the exact same way that we are!

The Way We Do Anything

Is the Way We Do Everything

As President of Beautiful Men & Women, I’ve had the pleasure of learning to live in the reality of my purpose, passions, and dreams. I’ve also had the honor of partnering with some of the most amazing people on the planet.

I’m blessed and thankful we understand living life the way life ‘ought to be lived–in Shalom. We’ve launched careers, businesses, and dreams while acquiring, and achieving our own!

On behalf of the entire Beautiful Men & Women organization, I would be elated if you made yourself comfortable within the organization.

“The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.”

-Dino, Pres. BM&W