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Welcome to Beautiful Men & Women, where we redefine beauty to honor intellectual strength, ambition, and life's passion. Our community values empowerment, inclusivity, and success, focusing on education, communication, and practical advice to navigate life's journey. Join us as we celebrate not just appearances, but the beauty in living, learning, loving, and leading.


We provide online courses with live facilitators to ensure you get the best education and learning opportunity available to support your individual needs.


We only enlist certified, professional coaches and engagement specialists who understand your needs, your end goals, and what it takes to get you there.


We offer transformative and luxurious week-long experiences that support your life-defining shifts and help reach your visionary goals.

experience life by design through the

transformative power of Emotional Intelligence!

Self improvement has never been so good and achievement has never been so plentiful until you equip your life with  breakthrough after breakthrough.

FOCUS self mastery retreat emotional intelligence session

Our Bold Promises are undefeated.

What is transformation without emotional intelligence?

Restore hope, motivation and optimism.
Eliminate procrastination and confusion.
Cancel the "noise" and start thriving instead of just surviving.

FOCUS ONLINE & in-person coaching: winning inside the win

winning happens when you become...

Quality over quantity and assets over liabilities.

Personal Transformation is visible achievement.
Accountability and achievement is progressive.
Financial Empowerment with a focus on Net Worth.

Secure Your Seat in LIVE & Online Courses with Great Coaches, Coaching! 


Inside Every Challenge Is Opportunity.

Whether personal, business, or career; EQ24 is the source to get you back to clarity, strategic execution, and results you can measure.

(EQ24 Masterclass Does Not Replace Professional Therapy)

Join the Waitlist for EQ24 as we prepare to launch the FOCUS® Education Online Academy Empowerment Collective!

Membership at affordable prices.
 Community engagement support.
Learn at your own pace.

There's no other platform offering you the opportunity to become Free Of Challenges Undermining (your) Success.

It's Not About Speed. It's About Direction.

Most people don't believe asking for help is never a sign of weakness. Asking for help is actually a valuable personal strength. Recognizing that there’s a deeper purpose for your life and prioritizing that vision above your own selfish pride and pretense, makes you an ideal candidate for consistent growth and success.
Some say that "perception is reality." But we believe that "perception can be reality, but it isn't always realistic."
No one can truly see what it takes to illuminate their superpowers until the work actually begins.
We know how to help turn your perception into a realistic reality!

Our performance coaching can help you raise the standards you've set for yourself based on your old

Your Superpowers Have Emotions Too.

limiting beliefs to live the life (and lifestyle) you've chosen and designed!
We understand how difficult it can be to make real changes on your own. Fortunately, you’ll have our knowledgeable resources and decades of experience at your fingertips to clear the confusion, minimize the learning curve, and stay on track.
Your focus should be on keeping the main thing, the main thing.

We've been providing Emotional Intelligence education for over 20 years. Now it's time for you to let us help you emotionally mature into your best self, living the life you desire.
Emotions can easily derail the progress of becoming. It's time to stop “running in place” so you can achieve your dreams by fully participating in your own breakthrough!

4 Life-Defining Pillars

We’re on a continuous mission to E.M.P.O.W.E.R. people and organizations alike. Our transformative services and resources are designed to hone your decision-making skills, build self-confidence, and improve your overall health and well-being.
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We take the time to identify the most effective ways to help each of our clients achieve optimum results. And we're not shy about having the best educators, Coaches, and engagement specialists on our roster who offer practical, applicable steps to help our clients succeed.
We believe in… Education You Can Trust - Results You Can Measure!

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