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Living Your Dream Requires You to Become!


The Essential Art Of Becoming
Relies Heavily On Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence - EQ24

EQ24 is the red pill for becoming your true authentic self.

Whatever we want to change or improve in our lives, emotions are at the center of everything we do. But have you ever considered whether your emotions are healthy? You likely feel a variety of emotions throughout your days, but…

  • Are you aware of your emotions and how they fluctuate when you’re under pressure or in stressful situations?
  • Do you understand the difference between your feelings and your emotions?
  • Are you in control of how you perceive and respond to emotionally turbulent moments and events? 
  • Do you navigate conflicts and disagreements with a healthy emotional balance?
  • Do you actually know what “healthy emotions” look and feel like?

Most people will say “yes” to these questions but the reality may be slightly different than their perception. And there’s certainly no shame in knowing if the answer is “no.”
Emotions are an innate part of who we are and the better you know them, the more you’re able to get from them. Once you understand how emotions influence your thinking and behavior, you’ll then have the ability to also influence your life's most important outcomes.
EQ24 closes the gap between what you think and what is. It heightens your emotional awareness and guides you through the steps to improving your life and reaching even your most challenging goals.

EQ24 closes the gap between what you think and what is. It heightens your emotional awareness and guides you through the steps to improving your life and reaching even your most challenging goals. 

You’ll be able to:

Clearly identify what’s been holding you back to this point.
Acknowledge and navigate through the natural resistance.
Nurture and maintain a healthy life (and lifestyle), including your personal and professional relationships.
Improve your communication, intuition, and discernment.
Raise the value bar on your self-esteem, self-care, and social awareness.

Of course, these are just the basic benefits of EQ24. You can actually achieve so much more - but you have to want it!

The Truth About Emotional Intelligence

Becoming emotionally intelligent is a transformative process that involves developing a deep understanding of one's own emotions, as well as those of others. At its core, Emotional Intelligence is about recognizing, managing, and leveraging emotions to navigate social interactions effectively. 

The first step in shifting your Emotional Intelligence momentum is assessing your self-awareness. In order to cultivate a deeper understanding of our own emotions - including triggers, strengths, and limitations - we must first be made aware of them. Heightened self-awareness lays the foundation for Emotional Intelligence by enabling us to recognize the direct impact our emotions have on our thoughts and behaviors. 

This is what makes EQ24 so valuable - it provides the tools you need to improve your personal and professional relationships and fuels your motivation to push past the inevitable obstacles to achieve your goals.
And NOT just small goals - we’re talking about reaching the full potential of the incredible, unique individual that you were destined to become. 

Speaking of goals… EQ24 will also guide you through the process of improving (or establishing) your initial goal-setting strategy so you can break unfavorable habits, reach the major milestones more fluidly, and fulfill the vision you have for your life.

No matter where you think you currently stand, EQ24 can mark the beginning of a transformative journey that will change the rest of your life. You'll notice an instant boost in your efficiency and effectiveness because when you become acutely aware of you and your emotions, it becomes easier to identify and navigate the paths that are actually meant for you. 

With EQ24, you’re given the practical principles to permanently modify how you respond to various situations life will present to you. You’ll be able to positively influence your own outcomes and successes without an incessant need to control every aspect of the process.

EQ24 VIP & Life Work Benefits Include:

You will be taught, not told. You’ll learn to self-regulate your emotions, which supports self-empowerment, self-control, and a deeper sense of self-worth.
You’ll learn to identify the traumas and triggers that incite procrastination and/or depression and cause you to exhibit automatic overwhelming response patterns. 
You’ll learn to identify the traumas and triggers that incite procrastination and/or depression and cause you to exhibit automatic overwhelming response patterns.

But the most profound value EQ24 has to offer is the Live Coaching sessions. It’s absolutely necessary that we provide an environment where you feel safe to feel and speak freely, and that also inspires you to share your journey with us as transparently as possible.

These are the spaces where you're able to expound on your feelings and what you’re discovering about yourself, ask clarifying questions, and even arrange one-on-one sessions with the Coach of your choice for more targeted emotional deep dives.

To begin refining yourself based on your vision for your future, you deserve a space where vulnerability and emotional release aren’t just welcome, they’re encouraged. Instead of choosing a word or phrase to focus on this year, make your priority in 2024… YOU.


Performance Makes You Good, accountability makes you great!

When you have to get it done right!

In the most logical sense, once you combine the words "personal" and “development,” things become just that… personal. So let's talk about the must-have ingredients for success - specifically the personal touch it requires from you. 

Whether you're considered a high, low, or moderate achiever, personal success boils down to solidifying the basics - your skills, courage, and effort. It's like developing your own personal operating system - your unique way of getting things done. 

But can you recall a time when you were all suited up and ready to conquer a lofty goal that could potentially change your life, only to realize your operating system needed an upgrade or major overhaul? 

It makes perfect sense! You're placing big demands on an outdated system that isn't equipped to support such a heavy load of advanced commands. 

Unfortunately, most folks see this as a roadblock. But TAG shows you why they’re just speed bumps.

TAG is a supportive community of people focused on performance and accountability. You’ll be professionally coached toward your authentic self, and supported in your pursuit to improve your quality and longevity of life. 

TAG isn't just a concept - it was developed by two committed professionals who've been in the trenches together and holding each other accountable for the past five years.

Fueled by their shared commitment to consistently becoming, Désirée and Dino will show you how to show up responsibly in every aspect of your life.

Accessing the Source of Your Natural Greatness! 

When it comes to true accountability, it's more than creating a to-do list or talking about what you want-wish to-do with your friends, especially those who don't have their 'ish together! 

Here's the real deal; TAG's Bold Promises are been tested, proven, and are currently undefeated. Our system is solid, dope, and fun. But, you're going to work your 'molasses' off until you become masterful in reaching your flow state focus!

Here's How TAG Works:

TAG can service individuals, partners, couples, and/or groups. Even though the journey to accountability is an individual one, we recommend joining with a partner whom you already know, like and trust. No partner? No problem! The TAG community has your back.

TAG has one mandatory requirement, and we've solved the requirement at no extra cost to you.

TAG has 3 month cycles (quarterly) that begin with mandatory participation in the EQ24 emotional intelligence Live Coaching course. No EQ, No TAG.

Our Bold Promises

You will be educated and empowered to see your full potential and infinite possibilities.
You will discover ways to eliminate procrastination and move easily through resistance.
You will develop lasting optimism and a passion for life.
You will gain clarity on your visionary goals and achievement processes.
You will create consistent self-care practices, beginning each day with positive expectations..
You will align your emotions, your mindset, and your physical well-being.
Getting started.
Following through
Moving through resistance
Advanced levels of visionary goal achievement.
Transformation to improve their personal life and/or business.

authenticity is the highest level of human interaction

authentic Intimacy: 6 powerful ways to
Give & Receive love!


refining authenticity and love

If you’ve been on social media recently, it’s easy to find countless posts confusing trauma bonding with holistic health with straight stupidity. Unfortunately, we find that, more often than not, the couples we work with (and even some individuals seeking individual healing and personal relationship development) are trapped in an idealistic fantasy focused on transaction vs. authenticity.

Asking “What can they do for me? instead of “How can we become better together?” is a clear symptom of a transactional mindset.

EQ24 offers an opportunity for you to offload this transactional perspective, making it possible for you to fully participate in the multitude of healthy, authentic relationships in your life.

The first question we ask in our coaching courses is the last question everyone is expecting to answer. It's a simple, yet practical reality check for the entire class, (including the Coaches). And until now, we’ve never made this information available online!

Q: When was the last time you were in a healthy, committed relationship?
Hopefully, you’re able to answer this question as well, but as you do, please remember to be gentle with yourself. We've all done the best we could with the information we were provided and the people we chose as costars in our life’s story.

It may take a little time to fully understand this but once you do, that's it!

From that point of understanding, you’ll be able to navigate all the other areas of your life with infinite Hope!

To be clear, we fully recognize that Hope (alone) is not a strategy, but we do need to acknowledge its power. 

Hope is the internal motivation required to imagine more than you already know - to envision a world beyond your own experiences to this point. 

Hope is the artist who lives inside your psyche and paints vivid images of your expectations. But, here's the inevitable plot twist… 

Is your artist painting a dreamy escape from your reality? Or a realistic roadmap to your greatest self?

We all create images in our minds of what our lives - especially in love - ‘should’ look like. In yours, you've likely already determined your emotional role and defined your self-worth because you understand the assignment.

“I’m already ‘there.’ I just need to find someone who fits this description perfectly to begin my new life. I’m ready!”

Enter Reality with a tap on the shoulder, delivering a practical view of what you actually need to do to truly be ready. Unfortunately, this is where so many of us stumble. 

It's at this point that most people begin to lose sight of who they are. They’ll minimize their true value and begin to critique and complain about anyone who approaches them with genuine intentions of getting to know them better.

Even couples who have been happily married for decades still find themselves making adjustments in their relationships. They’re constantly learning and accepting new versions of their partner as they grow and evolve together.

While it’s important to acknowledge who you are in your relationships, it's even more critical to assess who you're ready, willing, and able to become. This is the secret to finding, giving, and receiving the most authentic version of love life has to offer.

Within the process of EQ24, we prefer to keep everyone together to facilitate a fully circular information exchange, but we also periodically separate the men and women for private gender-specific Coaching sessions.
These sessions drill down deep to bring out the true thoughts and feelings of each participant - not just those that are suitable to say out loud.
It’s infinitely rewarding to actually witness the men and women we work with…

Eliminate cheating and inappropriate flirting outside their romantic relationships.
Stop using passive aggression as their go-to communication style.
No longer relying on isolation as a coping mechanism.
Grasp the true purpose and significance of patience and become champions of change.

authenticity in dating & relationship benefits include:

Here, you will:

Discover fresh perspectives on people and communication
Develop realistic relationship expectations 
Participate in profound discussions on mutual trust and understanding  
Study the art of developing consistency, chemistry, and synchrony 
Develop solid personal standards for dating and qualitative relationships
Obtain the skills to navigate emotional arguments, improve communication, and address unmet expectations in healthy ways
Challenge and dispel unhealthy narratives, misconceptions, and stereotypical beliefs around race, household leadership, relationship roles, and masculine-feminine energy
Improve your abilities to listen intently and interpret body language and emotional resonance
Assess your integrity and whether the four aspects of manipulation are factors in your relationships

Coach Dino, CEO

Master Coach, Engagement Specialist

Hi, my name is Coach Dino and my hope for you is total abundance inside our 6 Domains of Power!

Since inception in 2009, I have led our transformative services to help thousands of people just like you achieve the vision for their lives.

I'm looking forward to helping you, your spouse, family and friends achieve their visionary goals, dreams, and aspirations; personally, socially, and financially.

change your outcome with your income

the Blueprint to transforming your money into finances & capital Gains!

focus financial empowerment portfolio

go From financial literacy to building your net worth!

"When You FOCUS, Everything Changes." 

We believe that empowering people and making a lasting impact is best accomplished by focusing on these 4 Life-Defining Pillars:

Personal Development
Dating and Relationships
Visionary Achievement
Financial Empowerment

Our financial programs have helped people just like you turn their money (<$5K) into finances (>$25K) and their finances into capital gains ($100K+) by following a healthy and strategic blueprint to financial freedom.

By keeping ‘net worth’ the main thing - in all things - you’ll design a financial growth plan in alignment with the other 3 Life-Defining Pillars.
The Focus financial learning system supports your proficiency, growth, and - above all - securing your (and your family's) legacy. Get started now and discover how to do what each of our Investment Coaches has learned to do - Take What the Market Gives You.

Financial Education 1:

Understand the various areas of basic financial proficiency including personal income, banking, credit, loans, and cash flow management.

Financial Education 2:

Take the next step in effective income management and growth by creating assets and developing actionable plans to increase your net worth.

Investors Bootcamp:

Get comfortable with managing and repositioning your existing portfolio and investments by self-managing your rollover assets.


life's greatness doesn't happen to you...

life's greatness unfolds before you!

focus life work collection

everything is working together

for your greater good!

When was the last time you evaluated your entire life? If you have, did you focus on your past experiences or the vision for your future? How did you separate lessons learned from mistakes made? Confusing, right?

This type of confusion typically stems from 4 main sources:

1- Lack of resources, knowledge, or support
2- Fear of what could possibly happen next
3- Lack of patience - not allowing enough time for the truth to become clear
4- Holding onto old patterns, beliefs, and habits

FOCUS Life Work clears the haze of confusion, opens your thought patterns, evaluates your process maturity, and expands your self-confidence so that decisions are made with clarity and conviction.

It’s called “Life Work” because this is what we do very well. By focusing on the 4 Life-Defining Pillars and evaluating your efficacy and beliefs within each one, you can holistically reroute your entire future.

We understand that FOCUS Life Work isn’t for everyone. But, is it for you? When you examine your life as a whole, you have to ask yourself::

Do I have the necessary tools and support to reach my full potential and see my goals come to fruition?
Am I surrounded by like-minded people who support my process and want to see me win? 
Is my visionary blueprint correct according to my intentions and goals? And is it scalable so I can continue to grow beyond the initial successes?  
Do I have the financial skills and education to fund my vision and leave a profound legacy for my family?

If your answer is “yes,” we would love for you to join our Coaching team in mentoring others to reach similar success!
However, if your answer is “no” or maybe even “I’m in the process,” we invite you to take the following 3 steps towards your “yes”:

Step 1: Complete the Questionnaire
Step 2: Schedule a Discovery Call 
Step 3: Get Started with Us! 

focus life work collection benefits

Personal Transformation course and coaching.
Dating & Committed Relationships course and coaching.
The Accountability Group (TAG) coaching community.  
Financial Education & Investing courses and coaching.
Legacy Investment Masterclasses + Trade Floor and Wealth Management Coaching courses and coaching.
FOCUS Self Mastery Coaching Retreats.
FOCUS Trader's & Investor's Coaching Retreats.
Business Development courses, coaching and retreats.

Additional FOCUS Services Include:

Individual & Group Concierge World Travel
Access to Educational & Social Upscale Events
Access to Millionaire Groups & Coaching Calls  
BM&W Stakeholder & Membership Invitation and Access

our Focus is

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

FOCUS® Coaching Services

I felt better after my consultation and enrolled into the step by step coaching. After I stopped making excuses, the fear left and I began to experience everything. My life improved rapidly, I have new friends, and I'm investing into the stock market. I didn't think I could do it.

Phillip A.

Personal Transformation Coaching Course

It's funny now, but I cried at home, I cried in class, I never cried so much in my entire life, but it was so worth it. The material is phenomenal, the coaches are top tier, when I got sick people reached out to me. I'm now apart of the FOCUS Family and I'm loving every minute of it.

I'll never forget Coach Dino saying: "you have to fully participate in your own breakthrough." (I cried) and now I don't let anything stop me from finding the strength and courage to fully participate in my breakthroughs.

Michael D.

The Accountability Group Community

I learned so much about me and I couldn't believe how every class was a safe space to be so vulnerable. I had to calm down because I wanted everything, fast. But, the amazing Coaches showed me how growth is progressive and I saw it finally happening for me.

Julie Star

FOCUS® Life Work Collection

Coach Dino suggested that I stop and do some personal work when I just wanted to trade options. No one has ever told me how I was showing up. He became my role model and I shut my entire life down to improve who I am, my transactional relationships, and my life's vision.
And I'm an options trader waiting for the 2024 retreat!

Shanta B.

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